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Interior Design Services

New Leaf Interior Design reinvents any space by taking a fresh new look at design. We offer a variety of design services that ensures your project will be completed to your satisfaction. The following is a list of possible services we can provide for your home or business:

  • Sustainable Design
  • Single-Family Residential Design
  • Corporate Design
  • Visual Merchandising
  • Boutique and Retail Design
  • Hospitality Design
  • Medical/Healthcare Design
  • Restaurant and Cafe Design
  • Custom Bath and Kitchen Design
  • Conceptual Artistry
  • Project Management
  • Space Planning
  • Construction and Site Drawings
  • LEED Certification Consulting
  • Budget Planning
  • Permit Planning
  • Furniture and Millwork Design
  • Heritage Restoration and Design
  • Multi-Unit Residential Design
  • Commercial Tenant Improvements


New Leaf Interior Design is pleased to announce its collaboration with Urban Foliage.

Urban Foliage fosters wellness, happiness and health by bringing greenery, aesthetic pleasure and air purification into our living space.  Two years of research of development led to the elaboration of the Green Module (Patent-Pending), which can be used to integrate nature to any kind of design. The Living Frame product is an application. This award-winning design is the first of its kind in North America.

A Living Frame is a unique concept you won’t find anywhere else! It is an exclusively beautiful, sustainable, healthy, highly customizable and convenient-to-maintain solution to creating greener, healthier urban living interiors. It is designed with all the components necessary to guaranty self sufficiency and healthy viable plant growth. Visualize it as a framed painting in which the colors are living, vibrant plants.

Imagine the elegant green addition of a Living Frame to your interior, and the positive energy it brings to your space! Please visit or contact New Leaf Interior Design to learn more about our products and services!

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